Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Second chances

how many second chances should one receive? how many are you allowed in life? how many are you permitted? how many before whoever is in charge of the universe says that is it! no more for you! or how many should you allow to a person, before you can say no more! i feel i have blessed, i have received many opportunities and had knocked on the proper doors and put things out there, i would have had more. everyday i feel as if i am somehow not doing all that i am supposed to do and feel as a failure but yet i do nothing to change it. everyday i say to myself no more, and allow myself a second chance to get it right but yet never do and fail myself once again and i am again back to where i started. i promise to myself many times i will definitely do better and then i don't! how many promises can be made until one get fed up? i think i need to make an appointment with either a psychologist or a psychiatrist because i believe they have defined crazy as doing the same thing and expecting different results!

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